Cardistry Playing Card Decks - Bicycle Ellusionist Crown Mana Skull in Cebu City, Central Visayas for sale

Hobbies & Collectors

Artifice Blue -No 9Spades, w/ 2 jokers for trick, dirtied edges
Crown Green -Dirtied edges
Pro Cardistry
Blood Metal -w/ silver gilded edges, diff feel from regular deck
Blades -w/ blank face card
Crown Black
Mana -Dirtied edges
Skull & Bones
Black Tiger -UV500 Airflow Finish, sides inked with black
Dragon Back Red -Small tear at box but taped, dirtied edges
Skull -w/ 13 of Spades gaff card, dirtied edges
Card Clip-SOLD
Box covered in tape from day 1 to prevent scratches on print
Box side flaps cut off from day 1
No jokers or ad cards only 52 cards, unless stated
Loc: Cebu City free shipping
Contact w/ mobile not online in OLX